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"Wadden hiking" means more than 1200 kilometers of hiking fun on both sides of the world heritage site the Wadden Sea. Discover ancient cultural landscapes, the varied nature and the rich cultural history of the coast and the Dutch Wadden Islands. Experience the peace, serenity and scenic skylines of this region. Feel the wind blowing through your hair, taste the salt on your lips, listen to the screeching of the seagulls and enjoy the view over the tidal mud flats.

The hiking trails featured on this site are suitable for hikers of any level. Whether you enjoy a short stroll or long hiking trips that last several days, Wadden hiking enables you to create your own route and chose those options that suit you best. Under the link day hiking trips you will find a number of trails that have been plotted out for you by connoisseurs of the region. These trails are about 20 km long and will take you past the most beautiful spots of the Wadden area.

Historic trails

Wadden hiking will lead you past many historic paths. There are hunting trails, school- and church trails, fire-place and marsh trails, old trade- and pilgrim routes and trails that lead you past dormant inner dykes. In the provinces of Groningen and Noord-Holland, many farmers trails are part of the network.

Do you still have any questions, remarks or suggestions? About the trails, road signs or the Wadden islands in general? Please let us know.

The latest news:

Vijfhuisterdijk (Friesland Buitendijks)

The Vijfhuisterdijk between junction markers 14 and 46 is temporarily closed off.

Remark: this website is ready for use, but still under construction. Because we are still working on the site, the information in some areas can be incomplete. We are doing our utmost to complete this site as soon as possible. (also view disclaimer).

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