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The signage along the trails consists of black plastic posts with square markers in blue and red (view image to the right). In the upper mark to the right you see the Wadden hiking logo with the number of the junction marked inside a circle; underneath are arrows which point straight forward, to the left or to the right. The all-day trails can also be followed on the basis of the junction signs. Along the way you will encounter road side poles with stickers or three different kinds of markers: the junction sign, the arrow sign and the boat sign.


Except for Texel, the situation on the rest of the Wadden islands is slightly different. On these islands, you will find regional signposts (hiking network) with the logo of Wadden hiking (see the lower right image). All of the hiking trails are marked in two different directions.


The northsea coastal trail (E9) retains the familiar red and white LAW-marker (example will follow shortly).

Knooppuntpaal Waddenwandelen

Streekpadenbord Waddenwandelen