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Wadden gold

The day routes of Wadden hiking have been awarded with the Waddengoud (Wadden gold) certification in October of 2012. Waddengoud is the award name for certified regional products and tourist sites and activities within the Wadden area. Tourist sites may carry this certification if they can display a clearly distinguishable connection to the region and treat the landscape and nature in a sustainable way. For tourist and recreationists, Waddengoud is a guaranty that what is offered falls into the category of an authentic Wadden experience.

Prior to receiving the certification, the products and tourist services of Waddengoud are controlled and verified by an independent party. Wadden hiking has shown to meet all the criteria for the certification. Therefore, the Wadden hiking network officially carries the Waddengoud certification since the autumn of 2012. This makes it one of the ‘gems’ of the Wadden region.
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